My Stupid surface peircing...?

Answer It sounds like it could be the beggining of an infection. I wouldnt worry but what I would do no would be to clean it. If you dont have any pure alchohol [and no Vodaka wouldn't count ;) ] then boi... Read More »

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How can i improve my complexion and remove my acne on my skini dont want stupid ans from stupid people.?

Sounds simple - but don't use soap. No cleansers, no lotions - nothing - just plain clean simple water.Once it's cleared up - use a gentle shower lotion, face cleaner etc for sensitive skin if you ... Read More »

How stupid are you What is the most stupid thing you have done?

Although I am considered to be intelligent, I have the capacity to be very stupid indeed.I could not give you the MOST stupid, as there have been so many.The most often repeated, and the one with t... Read More »

Ear peircing Claires?

Claire's is not good no matter what branch it is they use guns which are very dangerous and unhygienic. Go to a proper professional piercer when they're a bit older (don't think a professional woul... Read More »

What peircing should I get?

Funnily enough, its in that order for which takes the longest to heal.I think the rook looks nicest!Why not get a nipple piercing?