My Stupid surface peircing...?

Answer It sounds like it could be the beggining of an infection. I wouldnt worry but what I would do no would be to clean it. If you dont have any pure alchohol [and no Vodaka wouldn't count ;) ] then boi... Read More »

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How can i improve my complexion and remove my acne on my skini dont want stupid ans from stupid people.?

Sounds simple - but don't use soap. No cleansers, no lotions - nothing - just plain clean simple water.Once it's cleared up - use a gentle shower lotion, face cleaner etc for sensitive skin if you ... Read More »

What peircing should I get?

Funnily enough, its in that order for which takes the longest to heal.I think the rook looks nicest!Why not get a nipple piercing?

Ear peircing Claires?

Claire's is not good no matter what branch it is they use guns which are very dangerous and unhygienic. Go to a proper professional piercer when they're a bit older (don't think a professional woul... Read More »

Ear peircing for 10 year olds?

Well to start off, no you arent too young. I got mine done at 9 and my little sister at 3 when she asked. We also got them done at claires and they healed totally fine. The gun has nothing to do wi... Read More »