My USB ports won't respond to anything i plug in. Can i fix it myself?

Answer If it was just one usb port, it would be fixable with replacements. But if all of them are not working, it could be a driver error. Try updating your usb drivers via the device manager (universal ... Read More »

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Why do the 2 USB ports in my laptop do not respond?

If it seems that the devices are drawing power from the USB ports but not being recognised, it may be that the devices are taking too much power from the USB ports. This is most likely from things ... Read More »

Why are memory sticks that plug in to the USB ports on all computers called flash drives?

Its called a flash drive because it uses flash memory. Flash memory is called this because it stores information (like memory) and you can flash it (meaning you can update or delete the info stored... Read More »

Facebook wont let me do anything?


Hello Kim,The first thing to establish is that you do not have a virus on the system. Please update your antivirus application and then carry out an All-Files virus check. If you cannot update your... Read More »