My WIFI doesnt reach my Xbox , what can i do?

Answer 1) Move the two closer together2) Buy a wifi extender to boost the signal3) Use a set of homeplugs to give a wired connection via the mains cabling

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Wifi won't reach the bedroom?

Try getting a repeater. They send out a second source of wifi connection but it is still all under the same router.

Supply internet to my Xbox 360 WiFi signal not strong enough?

For gaming you would be much better off with a Ethernet connection.Wireless signals are affected by many factors including wall density, electrical interference, directional antenna range, etc. All... Read More »

Should cars that cant reach 100 mph and take longer than 10 secs to reach 60mph be banned?

Of course and anyone not doing more than 70 MPH on the motorway (whilst talking on their mobile) should be banned too. And everyone should do a minimum of 40 in built up areas - and with the window... Read More »

My aunt who lives 1 mile up road doesnt have net and i want to boost my wifi 1 mile up road to hers any ideas?

Not over that distance you couldn't. Even if you could you would need to have to have permission and licence to do so under the Wireless Telegraphy Act to do so.