My asus computer screen has roared 90 degrees how do I change it back?

Answer Log-in to the Windows operating system.2.Close all programs.3.Press "Ctrl" + "Alt" and press the "Up," "Down" or "Right Arrow" key to rotate the Windows screen.Or go to control panel > Medium icons... Read More »

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My computer screen has flipped 90 degrees so everything is now on its side can anyone help me get it back?

Here is simplest way...Press Alt and ctrl (of right side) and than press arrow keys will flip your screen in all four directions whichever you want you can select. you have four options up do... Read More »

My daughter has changed the computer screen from horizontal to vertical how do I change it back?

If you have my same VGA card try the following and it should workpress :CTRL + ALT + UP > Normal modeCTRL + ALT + RIGHT> Rotate 270CTRL + ALT + LEFT> Rotate 90CTRL + ALT + DOWN > Rotate 180If it di... Read More »

My Pc screen has some how rotated 90 degrees anti-clockwise any idea how i can get it back to normal?

try control alt and up or control alt and left it works for mee x

My computer screen has rotated 90 degrees?

I've seen things online which say you hold down ctrl and alt an then use the arrow keys to rotate the display. I don't have windows so I haven't tried it.Good Luck.