My boyfriend hid his relationship status on facebook?

Answer maybe he just feels shy?i mean.. if you and your BF have been together for a year, you two are already offical right?everyone already must know that he is dating you.FB doesn't matter in that respect.

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Facebook How can i block my relationship status from everyone Accept the person i'm in a relationship with.?

Lol Oh Richard you really do deserve all the comments from above! typical bloke! There's no way of doing it so i suggest you tell your friends she's your girlfriend! she cant be that bad! lol

How Do I Unhide My Relationship Status on Facebook?

Unhiding your relationship status on Facebook allows others to see whether you are currently in a relationship and with whom. Facebook allows users to alter privacy settings to only share informati... Read More »

How do I change my relationship status on Facebook?

Edit basic info. In that, relatioship status. DOn't forget to hit the save button.

How does the 'relationship status' on facebook work?

yes its just like thathe will have to accept it for him to show up as being in a relationship with