My broadband disconects at the same time everyday ?

Answer heres a forum that is talking about the problems you are having. it seems that there is a program running to me but, continue to look through this conversation to see if you can get any suggestions... Read More »

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Do you wear makeup everyday and wash your hair everyday?

Yes. Mornings are shower, shave legs and other places, makeup, then hair. On the weekends I catch up on housework and other family related errands, so I put my hair up in a sleek ponytail and wea... Read More »

My wireless internet disconects from the laptop pretty frequently. how can i stop this thanks.?

If the light that indicate the router connectivity goes that means the problem is with the ISP side... in case if your ISP checks its connectivity and says we don't have any problem from the our si... Read More »

What speed do you think broadband will be in 5years time?

One thing is certain it wont be anything to do with BT! They are still using a system that was designed for a telephone network in the 1930's. In fact they are so far behind they are trying to musc... Read More »

Broadband.... Do You Leave It Connected All The Time?

having xp's firewall on will not protect you very welli would get a better firewallzonealarmwww.zonelabs.comnow to your questionleaving your connection on all the time is not advised as its opening... Read More »