My broadband disconects at the same time everyday ?

Answer heres a forum that is talking about the problems you are having. it seems that there is a program running to me but, continue to look through this conversation to see if you can get any suggestions... Read More »

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Is it possible to use Broadband on a MAC upstairs and a PC downstairs on the same phone line at the same time?

yes its possible - though you can only subscribe to 1 provider and connect through 1 router - both mac and pc can be connected to the router usind separate ip addresses at the same time no problems... Read More »

Can I connect two modems at the same time to a broadband (DSL) line to get internet on two computers?

No you cannot as there is only one interface at the BT exchange. This interface is only able to connect to one of your modems. If you try and connect a second modem the connection will fail.However... Read More »

Does broadband mean you can use the internet and receive unhindered calls at the same time?

Under normal circumstances broadband and voice shouldn't interfere with each other.Although they both come up the phone line at the same time they operate at differentfrequencies or channels.If you... Read More »

I have maxis broadband but i want to used on my desktop and laptop at the same time. i just brought netgear?

Routers? You only want one.Hardwire the computer to the router using an ethernet cableand activate the wireless connection on the router.All modem/routers supplied by an ISP now has a maximum of 4c... Read More »