My broadband is meant to be upto 3mb but it seems slow, how do I check the speed?

Answer It can be up to 3mb. It is highly likely that your ISP does not guarantee that speed. Many broadband connections are shared and the actual speed you get is dependent on various factors. One being t... Read More »

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DSL and Broadband Speed Check?

A broadband speed check tests throughput, the data-transfer rate your broadband Internet connection produces at the time of the test. Tests offer a quick way for you or your high-speed Internet ser... Read More »

How can I check my broadband speed?

go to… and choose how you connect from a list and click run test. after it finishes it will tell you the average speed from your country.

How can i fix slow uploading and downloading speed on bt broadband?

The first answerer is correct. Being a BT broadband customer myself, I know what it is about. Starting around 7PM approx., BT will deliberately limit their customers internet speed to make sure all... Read More »

How do i check the speed of my broadband connection?