My bt hub has the wireless key flashing even if there is no one in the house using the internet?

Answer open your browser, copy this in the address bar, Its the homepage for your router, then it will tell you at the bottom of the page exactly who is connected to the router/hub.... Read More »

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In a Wireless Internet connection can anyone else using the wireless internet connection in that house......?

How can i stop other people around my house from using my wireless internet connection?

type in your browser address window you can follow directions for setting up a password to the wireless network.

There is an IM messager that keeps flashing after I sigh in and which I can not close even if I click it out.?

There should be no incoming message from a non-Administrator that you cannot block. I suspect a local PC or network issue. Completely uninstall the IM program, reboot and then re-install the late... Read More »

How I know how many people using my wireless broadband modem and using internet how can I make it personnel?

You would need to get the router's Social Security Number, though I don't know if they give them to inanimate objects. It might also be difficult to claim a network device as an employee come tax t... Read More »