My @ button has changed to "?

Answer This happens to my computer every so often. What happens is my keyboards language gets changed from 'US' to 'Canadian French'. The way I fix this is going to the bottom right hand corner around wh... Read More »

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My @ button has changed to " - anyone know how to change it back?

I have the same problem with my keyboard.My solution is:Just get used to it! Like I doUse @ button for " and " button for @

My emplyer has recently changed ownership and the company has changed it's name. I have not received a P60?

Your old employer had to give all details of staff wages and tax details to the new owners on completion of the sale. The new owners HAVE to give you the P60s. They are already overdue and they cou... Read More »

Do wireless mice have to have there batteries changed often and how often do they need to be changed Thanks?

Yes wireless mice do run out of batteries. They only need to be changed if the mouse stops working, which for most users is about 2-3 times a year.

Is There an Alternative Button on a QWERTY Keyboard for the PS Button on the PS3?

The PlayStation 3 (PS3) console is an entertainment device from Sony that offers gaming, movie viewing and much more. Typically, you interact with the PS3 using a controller, but there are other pe... Read More »