My charger magically disappeared!?

Answer the only explanations I can think of is that someone went into your room and unplugged the phone, for a joke maybeAlternatively some people sleepwalk and can do various movements, while being aslee... Read More »

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My acer aspire charger broke i havent used my laptop in about two years im trying to buy a new charger?

Just ask a friend to check out the specific voltage of your lap top ( look at the stickers underneath) on the net and buy a multi voltage charger which has that voltage at any Computer shop.....

Has google chrome disappeared?

Need more detail. What is not available? Do you get the message when trying to open it, or do you get "not available" when attempting to visit a website through chrome? If it's the latter then may... Read More »

Facebook status disappeared?

it may have been reported and fb remved it i reckon

Google toolbar disappeared?

Maybe just download it again.