My computer can you help?

Answer Start menu > All programs > Applications > System Tools > System Restore.Follow the steps and make sure you pick a time/date where this wasn't popping up.Hope this helps.

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Help! my computer needs urgent help. coursework tomorrow... no computer?

maybe your hard drive broke, if it does that it sure sounds like it hassorry to say your work maybe truly gonenote to self, never leave important things to the last minute

PLEASE HELP!!! Is my computer infected with a virus How can I salvage my computer?

That's Definitely a Virus or some sort of Error, take it back to that Specialist and comfront him.

I want 2 buy a new computer but i dont know what i have 2 check in a computer before i buy pls help?

2MB ram memory, 1.73GHz processor and 120mg memory for games and pictures iv got vista home premium and i prefer it to windows xp

Help with computer question please. My son visited me today and has been on my computer and now I find I have?

Go to View>toolbar and check standard buttons