My computer cant access the internet?

Answer Possibly spyware, and restore ofte does not fix that/ First check your time zone and time are set correctly. Then download the free scanner from and run the full scan

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No internet access through one computer but not the other?

Do they both use wireless connections, or does the desktop connect via Ethernet?Follow this procedure:Unplug power cables on the router and modem.First plug in the modem and wait a minute or two fo... Read More »

My internet connection on my computer is usually good but right its well not there i have no access?

Problems can be of two types Hardware/SoftwareSolutions can be many to a particular questionNote: Whatever the problem is you need to try all solutions as you don't know what the problem is exactly... Read More »

My Dad lives in Spain and has internet access but no computer-can i buy a laptop over here for him to use?

All it would need is a mains adaptor if he has internet access.

My friends computer keeps asking for a sid and password when trying to access the internet waht is this?

do u mean when ur tryin to access a website?? most porn sites require password which u hav to pay for to enter ^_^