My computer can't detect any routers, help?

Answer It depends what type of computer it is. Or you can type in the ssid in manuely

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My computer wont recognise mouse and cant reboot cant turn of without mouse help?

Do a Ctrl+Alt+DeleteUse the Tab key to move around until Shut Down is selectedHit EnterThe PC should shut downSwap the mouseReboot

Cant find the lengh of the caravan curtains cant get to it ,its a willerby granada 1998 the firm cant help can?

Hi LYNN this is an impossible question to answer really as we don't know either. why is it an issue you have to just to go and do it when the caravan arrives if it is needed.

HELP - i cant see the bottom of my computer screen ;l?

My computer cant read my MicroSDHC card!!, HELP?

Didn't you back up the pictues/videos you need on it to like cloud storage or on your hard drive somewhere. Sounds like the card is corrupt, if it's corrupted there is no way to get the files back.