My computer doesn't work right :(?

Answer One time format your PC with genuine windows all problems will be solved.

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Sony vaio right mouse button doesnt always work?

Yes either get a USB mouse or independent touch padlike the Cirque one.…I got one for my PC in addition to a normal mouse and have never looked back!

Wireless doesnt work on my computer, but does on boyfriends?

From your description the problem is location.Does the laptop work wireless in the same room as the router?Are you sure your boyfriend's computer is working?Did you change the location or position ... Read More »

My car steering doesnt feel right?

Sounds like you need an alignment. they will inspect the front suspension for worn out parts.Now if you lowered your car to much the alignment will not be within specs.But if your toe setting is wr... Read More »

Why doesnt myspace let me log in and i put everything right=[ =[ =[ =[?

are you sure you entered in the correct email and password? request your password again, just click on "forgot password" and it'll send it to you through email. if it says that your account has bee... Read More »

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