My computer format [EXPERTS ONLY]?

Answer Probably something to do with your flux capacitor. You should really change that on an annual basis.Have you tried stroking your 6 meg pipe? I'm really liking the LCD module.

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I need computer experts help?

Computer experts help please. :)?

Okay, i get this same blue screen a lot, but not when doing wat u done, mine does that sometimes wen im on the internet. Copy down the technical information somewhere. Start windows normally, and i... Read More »

Computer experts........?

as other answerers have said you could do with more memory but other than it will get you through the next two years or so before you seriously start noticing you need to upgrade oh and i think Abi... Read More »

Computer experts only please, read on........................?

300W is pushing it, especially if you have a PCIe video card. More important than the wattage rating, though, is the amperage on the 12v rail. For a P4-class processor new enough to take on DDR2, I... Read More »