My computer format [EXPERTS ONLY]?

Answer Probably something to do with your flux capacitor. You should really change that on an annual basis.Have you tried stroking your 6 meg pipe? I'm really liking the LCD module.

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Computer experts only please read on..........?

[Addendum to previous posts regarding the 'beep test'...]You say that your desktop starts but nothing comes up on the screen... if this is so, then how do you know that your desktop has *actually* ... Read More »

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300W is pushing it, especially if you have a PCIe video card. More important than the wattage rating, though, is the amperage on the 12v rail. For a P4-class processor new enough to take on DDR2, I... Read More »

Computer experts only.....please read on?

I'd suggest getting a 300 - 350w, better safe than sorry.

Computer experts only please read on........?

No, you must get RAM with the right amount of pins or it will not work. Different types of RAM are also different lengths and fit into slots with barriers are different distances along the way, so... Read More »