My computer has become really slow during startup?

Answer Clean your machine. Friend of mine had the same problem, hoovered and cleaned inside the PC and found the dust and fluff inside was causing all kinds of problems, after cleaning the machine it ran ... Read More »

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My computer seems to be running really really slow how can i fix this?

un install all programs that you don't use mainly gamesthen de-frag and error check. these are on your computer install a good anti-virus, AVG is the best and is free.then get a 'C Cle... Read More »

Does Norton internet security slow down your computer & take longer to load at startup?

yesget the following, all are free for a safe surfing experience,install in SAFE mode with networking ( hit F-8 at boot time ), run them all in SAFE modewith networking as you'll need it for the up... Read More »

Can the tune, during startup of a Windows PC for the first time during setup and registration, be downloaded?

The setup music of windows is already on your PC (provided it has got WIndows installed), but its somewhat hidden. How to find it: 1. In your C: drive, open the Windows folder. 2. Open the Syst... Read More »

My computer is really slow?

For running slow there are many causes:Microsoft Registry Problems = Slow Computer!Spyware/AdwareRAMDe-FragmentingEtc. Below can help you speed up your pc:Manage your startup: Open your Start menu ... Read More »