My computer has been locked because of illegaly downloading music, HELP!?

Answer That sounds like a virus- not a legit arm of the government enforcing laws. Websites that provide free content tend to be riskier than regulated websites like itunes. I think you'll have to take ... Read More »

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I was downloading music and then this thing popped up saying ' you computer has been locked'?

Don't panic, its just a pop up and some companies use them to try and trick people into buying software they (you) don't need. next time just click the red x to close the pop up and check you secur... Read More »

What uses more MB, downloading music or listening to music on youtube?

if you download it you can listen to your music forever without using more of you download limit if you listen to it on youtube every time you listen it decreases your download limit everytime list... Read More »

What Happens If You Get Caught Downloading Music?

Music falls under the category of intellectual property, which encompasses creations of the mind, including art and literature. When you purchase music on a CD or other format, you are effectively ... Read More »

Downloading music from MySpace?

technically, it's illegal to download music from myspace (unless the page allows you to)however, the following sites help you to get around this: Read More »