My computer has been locked because of illegaly downloading music, HELP!?

Answer That sounds like a virus- not a legit arm of the government enforcing laws. Websites that provide free content tend to be riskier than regulated websites like itunes. I think you'll have to take ... Read More »

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I was downloading music and then this thing popped up saying ' you computer has been locked'?

Don't panic, its just a pop up and some companies use them to try and trick people into buying software they (you) don't need. next time just click the red x to close the pop up and check you secur... Read More »

PCeU, your computer has been locked! Please help me!!!!!?

I have been downloading music through P2P and feel guilty and paranoid,Can I be caught for not paying?

You can be caught if you use it to much but why should you feel guilty and paranoid for not paying for music, you've been ripped off by the music industry for years it's about time they got a taste... Read More »

Your computer has been locked by the police?

if you start in safe mode the virus won't run and you'll have access to the computer where you can run scans with your anti virus but that may not pick it up so try using malwarebytes anti malware ... Read More »