My computer has stopped allowing access to wifi, only LAN Help?

Answer My best guess would be to Download & Install the 'Wireless Driver' ..…

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MSN Remote Assistance... How long wil one have de access to another's computer after allowing access?

Until ether you or the other person disconnects the connection, you both should have the ability to do that. If you never disconnect RA, it will always be enabled as long as your machine is on. TIP... Read More »

My computer has stopped working and now only works when I run my pc in safe mode. Any HELP?

I presume you know what safe mode actually does, it is most likely an infected program run a virus scan from safe mode and it should detect it, I suggest malwarebytes or spybot search and destroy, ... Read More »

Pls help me...if the cell has wifi facility ,,can we access internet directly?

You won't need additional accessories, your phone already has 3G and you should be able to get online via that depending on your contract (if you have one) but they will charge if you don't. It sho... Read More »

WiFi. Neighbour using my wifi to access internet?

Allowing your neighbor to use the connection to your ISP without their paying for it is a crime. It is called "theft of services". You can be fined, charged for his usage, and possibly even face ... Read More »