My computer is connected to the wireless router but still cant get onto the internet?

Answer might not be the answer you're looking for....but have you tried another browser site...say FIREFOX, i know that there is some problems with I/E just now

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How Do I Get A New Computer Without Wireless To Connect To My Router That's Connected To My Other Computer?

My pc is wireless enabled, it says its connected to the wireless router, but i cant browse, any ideas why?

Just because your connected to the router does not mean your on the internet. The router might not be connected correctly to the internet. You can type the IP address of the router and find out if ... Read More »

How do i connected my nintendo wii to my wireless router?

just go to the internet settings menu and select find access point. Then type in your WEP code.Sorry, Your WEP code should be written on the wireless router.

What happens when you have too many wi-fi devices connected to the wireless router?

Depends on the router. Some are hard coded to only allow "x" number of IP addressees behind their NAT. Some aren't.Bottom line, $75 consumer routers don't have very much memory or a very powerful... Read More »