My computer is really slow at the moment, any advice?

Answer Well, as it is during as school break, many people will be using the Internet this means a lot of people will be accessing the switch which your local area connects to. If other people are saying t... Read More »

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How do i speed up my computer[very slow]at the moment?

Using registry cleaner can fix your pc and then make your pc faster,Why?the reason is that there are some regsitry errors in your PC to cause "Computer slow".Everytime you install and uninstall sof... Read More »

Are anyone else's facebook applications really slow at the moment?

Facebook is always slow on my connection. I have a 10 mg connection and other sites are always fast. Facebook is so frustratingly slow that I often just give up on it and do other things. And you k... Read More »

Im looking for a job at the moment any interview advice?

Look smart: If you have nice hair and clothes then that will help you feel more confident.Research: Do a little research on the company that you are being interviewed by. Even if you don't get aske... Read More »

Why do YouTube videos play slow on my computer They're all choppy and slow?

Receiving the video requires that you have the proper amount of space needed to load the video temporarily. The video will be loaded in to your Web Cache. If this area is full, the video will be sl... Read More »