My computer is very slow lately. how do i 'defragment' it to make it better?

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How do You Defragment a Computer?

To defragment your computer, go to 'My computer' and select the hard disk that you want to defrag. Right click the hard disk a menu bar will pop out, and then click 'Properties'. Then you need to c... Read More »

How do i defragment my computer.. ( running win xp )?

hit start, programs, accessories, system tools, defragmentin that ordergood times :)

How can i set up my computer to defragment on a weekly basis?

Below are step by step instructions from Microsoft including screenshots for ease of reference.Once a week seems to be a lot though. May want to do it once a month.

If I defragment my computer will it take away EVERYTHING, even the things that I dont want taken off?

Defrag just moves files around. It won't delete anyhting.