My computer is very slow lately. how do i 'defragment' it to make it better?

Answer Check http://www.pcoptimizerprodownload.comWith pc optimizer pro you can safely clean, repair and optimize your computer.It will help improve your system performance.

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How can i speed up my has been very slow lately?

If it was fast before then it can be the result of a virus, spyware, malware,or it can be coz of too many temporay files, try clearing them,It can be of heavy fragmentation of C drive. Try defragme... Read More »

Is anybody else's Broadband BT Internet running very slow lately?

I`m on BT broadband and it seems ok for me....

What can I do to speed up my computer as downloading is very slow and the memory is very low?

LOL !!! 20 years out of date, time for an upgrade!!!

My computer is slow, but i have used software to clean it, but it is still very slow, what else can i do ?