My computer is very slow, windows vista, any quick & easy ways to fix it, im a only new 2 computers?

Answer…Try this link. If you really don't know what you're doing, maybe ask someone. I did nearly everything on the link and my notebook is working noticeably qu... Read More »

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I am quite new to computers my computer is a windows vista ?

The acer al1916w does not have a webcam in it. You can buy it at any store that sells computers if you want a webcam.

Ive got windows xp computer how easy is it to upgrage to vista?

Why is windows vista so slow?

vista uses alot more ram than xp, i have a gig and a half in my vista box and its still not up to what i would like it to be

What are some quick and easy ways to have your hair for school?

have it in a side braid, fishtail, messy bun, your bangs plaited and clipped back, half ponytail, side bun, just loose, search on youtube and you'll get lots of results