My computer is wireless but I cannot find the wireless bar button to get my wifi password. PLEASE HELP?

Answer If you are using a pc then you will need an Ethernet cable and plug it into your broadband, or a wireless adapter. Then it should work, sorry if it didn't you weren't very clear.

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I forgot my wireless password, how can I connect to my wireless network again?

Reset the router.Maybe in future put a stick on the back of the router with your password on it.

How do I find out the password for my wireless connection?

run this utility on the laptop that is already connected and it will display your wifi passwordYou will need to download and unzip it…

How to Find Your WiFi Password on the Computer?

Although your Wi-Fi password is saved on your computer, it should be stored in a safe place in case you need to allow access to your network. Your Wi-Fi password should be treated the same way as y... Read More »

How to connect a wireless computer, and wireless printer, to a non wireless computer?

Check whether your USB Ports are support to the task.