My computer isnt recieving any packets!?

Answer How are you sure your router is working fine?You need to first make sure your IP addressing is correct.1. Go to Start -> Run. Type CMD and press enter.2. In the box that comes up, type IPCONFIG /A... Read More »

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Why isnt my computer working?

I had that happen to mine and it was fault with the motherboard. Sorry if that makes things worse! Try taking the battery out (it should flick out underneath) and reinserting it, see if that doe... Read More »

Internet speed isnt as fast on new computer?

well it depends on the wireless adapter speed and the speed of your wireless router. if your wireless adapter is only 54 mbps. its a little slow try upgrading it to 100 to 150 mbps adapter. if your... Read More »

My computer isnt turning on! (Read Description)?

Maybe the RAM doesn't work and so you should buy a new one but for first try to see if it has a bios problem. Try to do a "clear cmos" resetting the bios. Follow the link below for more explanatio... Read More »

How do you check if your actually recieving the 8mb broadband that your paying for ?

Test your speed online at :