My computer keeps crashing help?

Answer If you bought the PC 3 days ago, take it back to the retailer.

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My computer keeps crashing?

did it crash into a brick wall lol did it skid befor it crashed you wernt drinking at the time were you or was it just a case of undue care and attention thanks for the giggle

Computer keeps crashing?

You need to find out which errors the blue screen is giving you, this way you can I'd the error in order to repair it. As of now, it could be anything since there is no specific detail about it. Bu... Read More »

Computer Keeps Crashing To Bsod?

"I have disabled Autorestart so at least I am able to read all the stuff on the blue screens."Unfortunately, the fact that you can read the stuff is not much help to us, unless you are willing to s... Read More »

I am using windows xp my computer keeps crashing?

Hello,(ANS) You have a BADLY damaged copy of windows XP, it could be caused by many many different things and its NOT worth the time involved to pick the problems apart. *Note: trying to actually r... Read More »