My computer keeps having unexpected shutdowns and blue screen of death?

Answer Hi,yes you are correct that you can't get virus's from watching YouTube, but what you get is lots of temp files left on your system that stop your system working correctly.just do all this about ev... Read More »

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Help! My Computer Keeps Getting BSOD (Blue Screen of Death) :(?

Is the "Blue Screen of Death" harmful to my computer in any way?

The screen is warning you that a program has failed and taken the operating system down with it. This is exceptionally bad behaviour by that program.There's a good chance that some file that was be... Read More »

A blue screen on my computer keeps popping up and it causes my computer to switch off,what should I do?

This is a very bad sign for computers. It probably means your motherboard, CPU or memory - or a combination of them, are kaput.If you are using Windows NT, you can go back to the last known configu... Read More »

Have you ever experienced a blue screen of death on your computer?

I experience it quiet a few times.BSOD are the worst computer problems to solve and the hardest.Usually the problem lies with a hardware issue but it can be anything.I would say go back and get a r... Read More »