My computer speed test whats yours?

Answer Are we talking Internet speed? If so I get a measly 300kbps, yay Australia

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How Do I Test Connection Speed on my Computer?

With personal hard drives climbing into the terabytes and graphic-intensive multimedia content part and parcel of the average website, it’s no wonder that online speed is becoming more important. P... Read More »

Whats a simple way i can speed up my computer, ive defragmented files, its working ok, just a bit slow?

CCleaner is the best choice.I also tend to recommend the following, but only if you can handle a command line interface:Click Start, Run, type cmd and press type the following - c:cd c:\windows\tem... Read More »

Emergency Stop! Do you remember yours from your driving test good or bad?

Mine was pretty sharp! we ended up two cars behind from where I started!

Whats the best meal you have cafe or posh places. mine is egg and chips, yours.?

yes i agree with you, you can try all different meals from around the world but nothing beats good old egg and chips