My computer speed test whats yours?

Answer Are we talking Internet speed? If so I get a measly 300kbps, yay Australia

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How Do I Test Connection Speed on my Computer?

With personal hard drives climbing into the terabytes and graphic-intensive multimedia content part and parcel of the average website, it’s no wonder that online speed is becoming more important. P... Read More »

Whats a simple way i can speed up my computer, ive defragmented files, its working ok, just a bit slow?

CCleaner is the best choice.I also tend to recommend the following, but only if you can handle a command line interface:Click Start, Run, type cmd and press type the following - c:cd c:\windows\tem... Read More »

On a 40mph road, whats the maximum speed before getting caught in the speed camera in UK.?

its down to each local police authority to set their margin of error, this allows for the fact not all speedometers are accurate. Most will set it at around 44mph...the general rule of thumb is 10%... Read More »

Whats the maximum speed you can do on a dual carriageway before a speed camera with catch you?

You,re usally allowed 10%, 5% on your car speedo and 5% on the other device. Given that your car speedo is set to a higher speed than you,re actually doing normally 2 to 3 mph over, to check this l... Read More »