My computer will not turn on it just keeps coming up (monitor going to sleep) any ideas?

Answer I have the same recurring problem. I noticed that I have this problem when I moved my CPU or if my computer is dusty. Each time I have this, I only need to vacuum my computer and then secure the ... Read More »

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My computer monitor contrast box keeps appering on my screen by itself does this means the monitor is going ou?

The video cable either in the back of the monitor or the back of the stack isn't seated properly, pull it out and push it back in again, both ends...

LP computer monitor keeps going on and off?

When it goes off have a close look at the screen, of you can see a ghost image then either the backlight is failing or the inverter is faulty. Neither is a DIY repair and will cost £100-200 to fix... Read More »

Computer monitor keeps going blank?

Hi,That sounds as if there is a bad connection somewhere.Check the connection to the pc, try moving just the pc end of the cable.Is the graphics card connection straight onto the motherboard with a... Read More »

Monitor keeps flickering and going black. How do I get it fixed and how much will it cost £££?

its most likely that it will cost more to get it repaired than buying a new one so i would suggest getting a new one also with your new monitor make sure the refresh rate isn't too high as it will ... Read More »