My computer will not turn on it just keeps coming up (monitor going to sleep) any ideas?

Answer I have the same recurring problem. I noticed that I have this problem when I moved my CPU or if my computer is dusty. Each time I have this, I only need to vacuum my computer and then secure the ... Read More »

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Why the monitor is not coming up after sleep mode with vista?

What do you press to get it out of sleep? If you go to the power options it should allow you to choose what brings you comp. out of sleep mode. The default button to press is "F8" to wake it up. ... Read More »

How do i stop Spotify coming up as soon as i turn on my computer?

Those programs come when they are added to the starup list. You can edit the startup programs by:1. Going to start, 2. typing 'msconfig'3. Going to the 'Startup' tab4. Checking or un-checking the n... Read More »

Is it my monitor or computer when I turn on the computer the monitor says "no signal". Can someone help me.?

i know it may seem stupid but make sure the monitor cable is plugged into your monitor and your graphics card securely, mine comes out all the time because i forget to screw it in! Also if your mon... Read More »

I put my computer into sleep mode and then accidentally turned it off, now it wont turn on properly?

I assume you have a desktop computer and not a laptop computerOk here are a few suggestions:1. check the connections from your computer to your monitor - maybe try another monitor.2. power off the ... Read More »