My computer won't let me copy or paste?

Answer In all honesty, I don't know why it does it but if you can't right click to copy and paste, if you highlight it and then press Ctrl + C it always seems to copy for me. To paste press Ctrl + V. Hope... Read More »

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How do You Copy and Paste on Your Computer?

To copy and paste on your computer, right click on the folder or file you want and select 'Copy'. Go to the folder where you want the item copied to, right click in the white area and select 'Paste'.

How can i copy and paste something that i want to save of my computer please help not used to computer yet?

right click on it and you will see copy in the menu that comes up. then go to where you want to save it and right click again and paste it! or you can use the keys ALT and C together to copy and A... Read More »

How can I copy files from a USB drive without using the copy nd paste system OR using Windows Explorer?

open the usb divice to show the list of files you want to copy then open the file from your computer you want to copy to.. .. have the two 'windows' side by side on the desk top then simply lift a... Read More »

How Do I Copy and Paste?

There are several ways to copy and paste but the one I like best is to highlight the text you want to copy. This is done by clicking at the beginning of the text then holding key down while you ru... Read More »