My computer won't type the word ?

Answer Are you on about how do you get your computer to type the symbol "?"If your pressing the ? key and nothing is happening then it could be that you have your keyboard set up wrongly.Go into control p... Read More »

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My computer wont let me type system password.?

My computer wont let me dlete highlighted words on microsoft word?

Try this:Word versions prior to Word 2007:1. Click on the Tools->Options menu item.2. Click the Edit tab.3. Under Editing Options, check the check box next to "Typing replaces selection".4. Click O... Read More »

Word power can you take time to type a sentence containing the word ....frivolous...?

I did not expect such a frivolous reply to a serious question.

Word power,.. could you be bothered to type out a sentence containing the word.....ironic....?

It's ironic that Chaney complained that Obama's foreign policy makes U.S. less safe when it was the Bush administration's foreign policy actions that made us a hostile target for foreign nations.