My computers lan wont work but my wireless does but i still cant get on certain web pages?

Answer Firstly, if you haven't already done so reboot the pc ... if this doesn't help reboot the router (basically power it off at the wall, wait 20 seconds or so before powering it back on).If your probl... Read More »

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I already wear glasses, but work with computers, does my employer still have to pay for an annual eye test?

If you're in the UK and work with computers then yes they do. Your HR department should have vouchers for you to use. You are allowed 2 a year.

My computer is connected to the wireless router but still cant get onto the internet?

might not be the answer you're looking for....but have you tried another browser site...say FIREFOX, i know that there is some problems with I/E just now

Why cant' I walk on minecraft I use the "W" key but it wont work!?

Press 'Escape' or anything that'll take you back to the menu, then check your controls and make sure they're all set to something.

Why wont my wireless work?

Oh no!You've broken teh internets.You haven't really given us a lot to work with (it's a bit like saying your google doesn't work anymore)Have you tried turning it off & on again?