My computers plays a strange sound in the background when I play music, can't figure it out?

Answer Hi, are you using more than one sound card? Have you also tried using headphones and seeing what happens? In any case it's most likely your sound card. Also Asus like intergrating graphics and soun... Read More »

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How to play music on youtube play in the background on iPad?

Cant get any sound from speakers and when go into control panel to sound all blanked out any ideas?

Sound card drivers need to be installed or updated. Try Microsoft Update first, maybe it will find them and update for you. Otherwise, if you know the maker of your sound card, go to their site f... Read More »

How do i change the music that plays when my computer starts up ?

If you have xp, Go to:Control Panel >Sounds and Audio Devices. Then click on the sounds tab and scroll down a bit to find the "Start Windows" click browse to find a different sound.Enjoy.If you nee... Read More »

Why is that in some cars when you accelerate the music plays louder automatically?

Automatic volume control - when the car goes faster the noise inside increases and the radio/cd etc will automatically increase to account for this.Lazy mans controls basically.