My computers plays a strange sound in the background when I play music, can't figure it out?

Answer Hi, are you using more than one sound card? Have you also tried using headphones and seeing what happens? In any case it's most likely your sound card. Also Asus like intergrating graphics and soun... Read More »

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How to play music on youtube play in the background on iPad?

Can't some computers play music with no speakers?

Its impossible for a computer to render audio without speakers more than likely the computers you're referring to had speakers built into the monitor.

Does anyone know what music Jacksgap (Jack Harries) uses as his background music in his YouTube Videos?

Jack Harris is an actor so it's possible he has music made for his videos. However you can download legal and free music to use on your videos of a similar variety (which usually is of the chiptune... Read More »

Is it possible to get music for free which I can use for background music in YouTube videos? are probably other sites too if you search for them