My connection speed got cut by more than half?

Answer Don't worry, as it is just a fake identity. It happened the same to me. My previous modem said 100 Mbps but recently, I purchased a new DLINK router, and the speed was 72 Mbps. The reason is unkno... Read More »

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How can my connection speed possibly higher than my broadband speed?

Ahh this is a common mistake many people make. What you are seeing is the connection between your computer and router. The router is connected to a modem. The Modem is what connects you to the Int... Read More »

Can I ask for more than half the equity?

You sound pretty greedy to me. It is no surprise she decided to part ways with you.The market effected everyone, she is not getting her actual fair amount either.If the equity is £19,000 then y... Read More »

Can I connect more than one computer to my wireless connection?

Most wireless routers can support up to 30 wireless connections, although if they are all downloading at the same time, you'd have a major slowdown in speed.

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