My email is not receiving mail, my favorite chatsite is not logging me in. Have i been hacked?

Answer I doubt it. Just a coincidence that you get junk today.

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My mail has been hacked I clicked on a rogue BT ad in my email now my mail is being diverted JHow do I stop th?

This happened to me and emails where being sent to all my contacts with links. Change your email password as said earlier. It worked for me too

Someone logging into my e mail account?

If you haven't opened them, then someone else has. change your password ASAP what makes you think that? I think I would change all my passwords Just a thought, is it your own computer at home that ... Read More »

Does anyone else have problems with logging in to google mail at the moment?

Yeah I am too!I wondering whats going on.....maybe they're updating a few things!Hope I helped, take care!=)And i hope Google mail comes back on soon!lol

How do i stop receiving junk mail in the post?

If i get junk mail and it has a return envelope provided, i tend to tear up what ever it is and post it back! Its not costing me anything and it lets them see what its like to receive junk mail!