My email is not receiving mail, my favorite chatsite is not logging me in. Have i been hacked?

Answer I doubt it. Just a coincidence that you get junk today.

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My mail has been hacked I clicked on a rogue BT ad in my email now my mail is being diverted JHow do I stop th?

This happened to me and emails where being sent to all my contacts with links. Change your email password as said earlier. It worked for me too

It will not let me sign into my hotmail email address, i think i have been hacked. Help!!?

Ok both other answers are good enough to recover your account, I can only add a couple of things.Firstly, Norton 360 = worse than dog poo at keeping the 'flies' away. I used to test internet securi... Read More »

My email has been hacked.?

Getting any account hacked is because you use very weak passwords to begin with.Passwords should be at least 16 characters made up of upper and lowercase letters mixed with numbers.Also hackers are... Read More »

Has my email been hacked?

If the emails are in your sent folder, it is highly likely that your account has been hacked.Change your password and make sure it is robust. A mixture of letters and numbers as a minimum (but not ... Read More »