My facebook account is blocked plz unblocked my id by my mobile nmbr?

Answer Duh, this is Yahoo Answers. Take this up with Facebook.

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My account is blocked plz unblocked it?

You have not configured your mail contact in yahoo, update it to get mails.Mail me on email address below,may be then I can help you.

I Have Been Blocked on Facebook How Do I Get Unblocked?

When a Facebook contact no longer wishes to communicate with you via the site, he blocks you, which prevents the two of you from seeing one another's profiles or sending messages to one another. If... Read More »

How to View a Blocked Facebook Account?

Someone "blocks" you on Facebook when he no longer wants you to be able to communicate with him using the site. "Blocking" is different from "unfriending," which simply removes you from his list of... Read More »

Facebook blocked my account how to access it?

email to mark zuckerburg that he suxx, I hope that would help