My facebook has gone weird ?

Answer not sure but just try clearing cache and cookiessettingshistoryclear browsing data when the prompt comes up click the boxes i said

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Has anyone else's Facebook gone weird?

if it's slow, delete your browser cookies, for IE press alt click on tools, then delete browser history,firefox:click on tools, then clear all private browsing history

Computer gone weird Help!?

probly blew the fuse is there any power to it change fuse check all cables are plugged in right.

My facebooks gone weird! please help!?

Contact facebook - they should have a 'customer' email address type thing for enquiries.

The colours on my computer have gone weird?

Check all cables to and from computer and tv. Try rebooting your computer. Also might try adjusting the contrast or brightness on computer. Is the TV an older model? Is your computer relatively new... Read More »