My facebook has gone weird ?

Answer not sure but just try clearing cache and cookiessettingshistoryclear browsing data when the prompt comes up click the boxes i said

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Is everyone elses facebook being weird i think the fan check virus has killed facebook :(?

yes it is a virusdelete the app immediately and change your password afterwards!!

Do you think I'm weird because I don't have Facebook!?

About 99% of the world's population don't have Facebook. Don't worry you are in good company!

Is it weird that im not on facebook?

i want to clarify something: you don't just hang around facebook. and expect friends to come to you. you have to actively search and seek them yourself. there is no fear. either they will accept yo... Read More »

Has anyone else's Facebook gone weird?

if it's slow, delete your browser cookies, for IE press alt click on tools, then delete browser history,firefox:click on tools, then clear all private browsing history