My facebook isnt working properly!!?

Answer Like on here, does Facebook ever work properly!No I think not from what I have seen with the questions on here!

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My laptop isnt working properly?

I don't know much about computer but I do know enough to get by.Firstly if this is a mechanical problem it could be the ribbon connecting the screen to the internal workings for your PC and there's... Read More »

My touchpad on my laptop isnt working properly?

its because her charger isn't the right one and is to much wattage i would suggest you not use it or you will fry the motherboard and than the computer will be no good get the charger that is for y... Read More »

I have a fiat punto 1.6 elx, the fan heating system isnt working properly.?

Well it Happened when you bought a FIAT.Fiat has a Meaning in the Trade which is Fix It Again Tomorrow! Sad i know.....if you check the reliability charts which comes out every year you'll find ou... Read More »

Why isnt facebook working?

It's down for everyone. The are fixing servers