My former employers robed me of £600 and i've tried to claim the money back, but they refuse to pay.?

Answer County Court

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How can i reclaim money back from a ppi company after 3 years of helping to claim money?

You can't - you agreed to pay them a cut of whatever you got.DIY for any future claims.

Can i claim my money back and go?

Of course. You just say "Look, you've tried 3 times and still can't get it right. I can't hang around here all day. Please refund my money as you haven't been able to do the job to an acceptable st... Read More »

Can I claim my money back?

there are 2 possibilities as to why your voice "isnt right"1) there is a medical problem with your throat or larynx - this can be treated by the NHS (however if its just a minor problem requiring s... Read More »

How can i claim VAT and get my money back please help?

Are you V.A.T. registered for business purposes?Is the phone for your business?If the answer to those questions is "No", then you can't claim back the V.A.T.Any item imported into the U.K. form out... Read More »