My former employers robed me of £600 and i've tried to claim the money back, but they refuse to pay.?

Answer County Court

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My employers said they are changing my pay to monthly, can i refuse this and stay to weekly pay?

I don't think so, but most employers will give you an in-between payment to help you make the change (it's a loan by the way) you are after all making things easier and cheaper for them so they sho... Read More »

If a Mortgage is being paid tempo by the social will they claim the money back when the property is sold?

I don't think that they would take back the money, as if they weren't paying her mortgage they would be paying her rent.However, if the house was sold, then her half of the money would stop her ben... Read More »

How do i get back money owed to me from former workmate?

ok if you know where she lives go there when you know she will be home take someone with you as a witness if she hasnt the cash there and then tell her you will send her details to the catalogue ... Read More »

How can i reclaim money back from a ppi company after 3 years of helping to claim money?

You can't - you agreed to pay them a cut of whatever you got.DIY for any future claims.