My girlfriend often stays over at mine, whilst here she generally ignores me for Facebook?

Answer Why are you bothering with her. She just using you by the sound of it and using your house to hang about. Or don't ask her over to your house or if she asks I'd come up with some lame excuse or jus... Read More »

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Should people have their old girlfriend and new girlfriend as friends on facebook?

It depends on how secure the person is in their relationship. If you trust him and he trusts you, or whoever this applies to, it shouldn't be an issue but if you are the jealous type and kind of in... Read More »

Travel insurance company being difficult re payment for operation whilst son's girlfriend on holiday in Mexico?

If you bought your plan through a broker, then you should call the broker. Brokers are free and it's times like these where they can be of great use. If you didn't buy through a broker then now y... Read More »

Everytime i play Subway Surfers And Connect My Facebook Acount My Score Stays the same all the time?

You only get the facebook bonus the first time you connect, not every time.

Facebook down mine won't load.?