My girlfriends phone is saying no access to network, how do i resolve?

Answer Of course it would have helped if you had said what kind of phone it is.Other than that, the phone has obviously got a fault in it's circuit board.Nothing you can do with it except buy a new one. N... Read More »

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Network Rail are saying they expect the entire network to be run from 4 signalling centres within 30 yrs.....?

It wouldn't surprise me if they did - the technology to do so is already available. Indeed, large areas of the network are already controlled by one signalling centre - Liverpool Street, for exampl... Read More »

My laptop sees the router but wont see the internet. it works in my girlfriends house ok on her network.?

Unable to access the network Google Chrome is having trouble accessing the network.?

Try these steps:1. Go to Firewalll Settings, try resetting the firewall.2. Then check if the problem happens when you go to Program Rules in Firewall.3. If the problem still persists, try uninstall... Read More »

What Are the Different Ways to Resolve Home Network Problems?

Many home network problems can be solved by switching your equipment off and back on again. This has become something of a cliché among IT support staff, but it actually has a large degree of truth... Read More »