My home Internet connection doesn't work.?

Answer You should call the Agency your with for technical support. But for my advice, i advise you to reset your broadband modem at the back there's this little button that you can reset your modem with. ... Read More »

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Why doesnt youtube work for me with google but does with internet explorer?

Firstly, Update your browser!!…Then try using HTML5 player of YouTube, This do not needs any flash for YouTube playback :)goto this link andhttp://www.yout... Read More »

How can I connect the two PCs in my home without using an internet connection?

run a crossover ethernet cable between the nics and network them ..

What jobs can I do at home with my PC and internet connection?

"Jobs" ? - none - no such thing - only business opportunities

How can i get my laptop onto the internet without a connection at home?

BT Openzone is a wireless broadband (Wi-Fi) service that you can access in public places (hotspots) such as airports, hotels, pubs and motorway service stations. You can get online at BT Openzone h... Read More »