My iMac says that 1.72 GB is active, but I am only running safari. It keeps on crashing and freezing.?

Answer Safari.Freezing.Crashing.Update the Flash player... around 1.5GB of Active System memory is normal usage. You do not just have Safari and Finder running. A... Read More »

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Computer freezing and crashing problem, what is the cause?

i am going to share useful information with u.Just read following article…it will really help you

Can't find Safari on my daughters account on my IMac. OK on mine and my son's?

finder -> applications -> safarithe dock sucks. next time, just don't get a mac.

My computer keeps crashing saying "Virtual memory is running low" What should I do?

To change the size of the virtual memory paging fileYou must be logged on as an administrator or a member of the Administrators group in order to complete this procedure. If your computer is connec... Read More »

We've got an iMac G3 running OS 8.6 and need a printer Are there any that will work on our G3?

These are the USB printer that apple declare as compatible.…The cheap brothers DCP-110C have the drivers for your os. Read More »