My iMac says that 1.72 GB is active, but I am only running safari. It keeps on crashing and freezing.?

Answer Safari.Freezing.Crashing.Update the Flash player... around 1.5GB of Active System memory is normal usage. You do not just have Safari and Finder running. A... Read More »

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Is there any reason that philips pc running vista, which has 100gb hd only has 80gb active with 20 not allocat?

it will be the 20 Gb taken up by the operating system.the vista instalation requires about that amount +flash players and any other programs all programs to see how many.hope ... Read More »

My screen keeps on flickering at the edges,it is only 9 months old ,it also keeps on freezing up on me,what ca?

You've got a 12 months manufacters warranty, so you can change it for a new one....Possible things to check...Is your desktop speakers too close to the monitor as that can cause problemsGraphics ca... Read More »

My pc keeps freezing and running slow why is this?

Could be many things - viruses, spyware, too many applications running, not enough RAM/HDD space etc.. Without any information to go on it's going to be pretty hard to give you a general solution.

My computer keeps crashing saying "Virtual memory is running low" What should I do?

To change the size of the virtual memory paging fileYou must be logged on as an administrator or a member of the Administrators group in order to complete this procedure. If your computer is connec... Read More »