My images on peoples facebook!?

Answer People might be using your photos … and pretending to look like you I've heard of this before and that's exactly what's been happening …

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Why does some peoples pictures on Facebook say uploaded via iOS but mine don't?

Do you have an Apple product? If you don't that's why it doesn't say iOS photos. But if you do I'm not sure cause mine says via iOS photos.

Does anyone know any websites where it can make me go and see peoples facebook profile even if i havntadedthem?

How do i see peoples pictures on facebook, without me adding them and you have to be a friend to see the pics?

You can only view photos if the person who posted the photo has his/her settings to allow "public" to view them. If it is set for "friends" only and you are not a friend, you cannot see any of thei... Read More »

Is there away to stop things I read/do from ending up on peoples facebook feeds?

You can simple just if u are looking at a particular person adding them as a close friend and u will receive updates following them on facebook and they will no longer be updated every time u look ... Read More »