My internet conection has gone very slow, what can i do to fix it?

Answer Restart you modem/router. Its peak time. 90% of all broadband slows down at peak times ;)

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My computer is gone very slow to connect to the internet and log in and out of accounts and bringing up pages?

I suspect that your computer could be infected especially because of switching from one user to the next, and bringing up pages. Tims for a clean-up. Her are 2 files to learn how to do that. http:/... Read More »

How do i speed up my computer it has gone very slow?

To speed up your computer and free up space and memory for free:Go to the Start Menu> RunType in "appwiz.cpl"Uninstall whatever you don't need.Next, go to Start> Run and type in "msconfig".Go to th... Read More »

Internet connection and computer very slow. My flat is very cold. Is there a connection with these 2 facts?

1) Slow internet connection has to do with your ISP (Internet Service Providers). Orange broadband and very cold flat are immaterial.Complain to your ISP on phone. They will only make a very sm... Read More »

My 10 year old daughter had gone all secretive on the internet very recently,?

Just wait for her to go on them again then have another look.