My internet conection has gone very slow, what can i do to fix it?

Answer Restart you modem/router. Its peak time. 90% of all broadband slows down at peak times ;)

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About my Internet conection for gaming?

Dump vergin. If you really want good connections for COD then switch your Internet provider to TalkTalk. I have it and it's great. If you have your own rooter that's good too. I have a free rooter ... Read More »

Question about .NET 3.5 without Internet conection?

Step one, go to currys / pcworld / your local computer shopStep 2, buy a wireless pci card or usb wireless adapterStep 3, plug in wireless adapterStep 4, Install driversStep 5, enter wireless key t... Read More »

UK: Is it true, that by having a Internet conection you have to pay the TV licence?

No, it's entirely untrue.You are obliged to have a TV License if you have any equipment capable of receiving a television signal. The defintion of "capable" is generally considered to be that the ... Read More »

Is it possible to connect to xbox live through my laptops wireless internet conection?

Maybe you can try connecting the Xbox to your laptop via ad-hoc wireless connection. Its free and you don't need to burn $60 bucks on a wifi adapter.instructions after the jump: Read More »