My internet goes off when the phone is answered?

Answer If your internet drops when you make a call something is definitely wrong, either with your line or with your house wiring.1. Everything has to go through a filter at all phone sockets. You must no... Read More »

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How to Stop Repeated Auto Dialer Phone Calls That Beep When Answered?

Auto dialers don't know when to give up. These machines can call over and over, driving the person who receives the calls crazy. Some phone carriers offer a way to block the number from calling, ev... Read More »

When i turn on my phone the screen goes blue, help?

Call your service provider. Sounds unfixable, so they'll have to take it from you for repair or replacement.

When i'm playing a game or reading something on the internet my computer keeps cutting out the screen goes?

try closing all your running programs in the background, they are the icons in the taskbar bottom right....right click on them for the pop up menu and click close or exit whatever

I have a Bonneville Pontiac and it gas Gauge goes up when i turn right and goes down when i turn left is t?

happens in older cars. just the fuel moving around in the tank and the older fuel gauges react to it. turn left, the fuel goes to the right in the tank, turn right and it goes the other side. hope ... Read More »