My internet is very slow all of the sudden?

Answer Well sorry to say but could be a number of thingsTry this first before doing anything else!1. Shut down all computers! Laptops Pc's.2. Power cycle your Internet Wireless Router , just leave the bla... Read More »

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Internet connection and computer very slow. My flat is very cold. Is there a connection with these 2 facts?

1) Slow internet connection has to do with your ISP (Internet Service Providers). Orange broadband and very cold flat are immaterial.Complain to your ISP on phone. They will only make a very sm... Read More »

My internet has started to work very slow?

it could be caused by some other ppl using ur wifi or ur too far from it (powerful transmit power will slow it down by far) i'm asking 5 questions: 1. Are you in a condo or appartment? (you must ha... Read More »

My internet conection has gone very slow, what can i do to fix it?

Restart you modem/router. Its peak time. 90% of all broadband slows down at peak times ;)

Is anybody else's Broadband BT Internet running very slow lately?

I`m on BT broadband and it seems ok for me....