My internet is very slow all of the sudden?

Answer Well sorry to say but could be a number of thingsTry this first before doing anything else!1. Shut down all computers! Laptops Pc's.2. Power cycle your Internet Wireless Router , just leave the bla... Read More »

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Why is my laptop so slow all of a sudden?

For running slow there are many causes:Microsoft Registry ProblemsRAMDe-FragmentingEtc. Clean windows registry can speed up the computer.Registry Cleaner can fix your pc errors.Over time, you insta... Read More »

Sims 3 all of a sudden running SO slow?

Sometimes you need to reinstall the video drivers, but often just rebooting fixes it.

Slow wireless connection all of a sudden?

Is it slow with the wired connection, too? It could be that another wireless router nearby is on the same channel and is interfering with the connection. You can fix that by setting up your router ... Read More »

I was on my computer the other day and all of a sudden it went slow and has been like it eversince.?

Hi,I would start with ctrl-alt-del to bring up the task manager, then look at the running process to see which one is hogging the cpu.Arnak