My internet speeds changed?

Answer The most common reason is the ISP is working on the line. This would depend of course on how long it has been at such a low speed. If it's only tonight, I'd reckon line works - but if it happens ev... Read More »

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Help with internet speeds etc?

BT Option One with added unlimited any time calls...£13 per month, if you’re, like me, I use £13 on calls a month alone, so I get the Broadband, ostensibly, free....have a free chat 0800800150 ... Read More »

PS3 Internet Lag, despite good speeds.?

are you password protected? someone might be using your wifi

Internet connection speeds/bandwidth?

Neil is wrong. Online multiplayer games are very optimised when considering bandwidth usage and typically only use 20-30KB/s which is low.And yes, it is a bandwidth issue that you are probably havi... Read More »

I can only recieve 256k internet speeds.?

Correction to the above answer. I am assuming you are from the UK, in which case it would be BT's fault. Mobile broadband is OK, but usually limited to a pitiful 3GB monthly allowance. I would thin... Read More »