My ip address is showing up as a different region to where i live?

Answer If you are in the UK it is not unusual to to find that it is 60 / 80 miles to to the internet centre that serves your telephone line, the location of it may also change occasionally as well, mine c... Read More »

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Urgent advice needed! On a credit check do I put the address where I live or address where my bills go to?

As far as the credit reporting agencies are concerned, your credit is linked to your mailing address. That's where your bills go and that's the address you should give, with a notation that this is... Read More »

How to prevent my profile from showing up when people search for my email address?

Well u can go to edit profile and it will give u some choices+ Seen only by you friends and your friends friendsLike if ur firend's friend searched for u your profile will come up+ Seen only by you... Read More »

How Long do Cats Live After Showing Signs of Dementia?

The length of time that a cat lives after showing signs of dementia (cognitive dysfunction) varies from cat to cat. It depends on how well the cat is taken care of, how much interaction the cat has... Read More »

How to Post Pictures on Facebook Without Them Showing on the Live Feed?

When you upload photos to Facebook, you can choose whether the uploaded photos are published to your Wall or not, as long as you upload them directly to an album from the "Photos" page. Uploading a... Read More »