My ipad wifi isnt working?

Answer PC WORLD, and other electrical retailers sell a WI-Fi extender, which plugs into a power socket to improve the signal in such 'poor' spots. Lidl had one last week in my local store on offer. Mayb... Read More »

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Wifi on my iPad is terrible (iPad 4)?

It could be your router. I had a similar issue where my laptop connection would just disconnect.I got a new router and it seem to solve the problem.You should borrow a friend or family member rout... Read More »

My neighbour is stealing my wifi and security isnt an option how can I make sure he wont do it again?

if you cant use WEP or WPA, try using MAC filtering. Google MAC filtering and you should be able to find out what you need to know

My msn isnt working help ?

close your browser, Delete your internet cache, and open the web browser and try again. if you are using IE8, try this:…right-click it and Run As Admin to ... Read More »

It isnt working! Help!?

Hello there.You can't set your cover photo on the Facebook iPhone app. I suggest doing it on your PC.