My iphone wont connect to the new iTunes 11 someone please help!!!?

Answer First you have to reset your old settings in Itunes 11.....In the top left corner click the little icon, then click Show Menu Bar.Click on View > Show SidebarClick on View > Show Status Bar.Your sc... Read More »

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Why Does My iPhone Say "Please Connect to iTunes"?

For most iPhone users, the message asking you to connect your iPhone to iTunes may mean you have a software update. If you have recently dropped or otherwise damaged your phone, you may have a soft... Read More »

My iphone 4s won't connect to itunes?

Sounds like you need a new dock connector install. Send it into apple if its still under warrenty. If its not and your in the UK send it to apple tree. They are the cheapest and take phone by post.... Read More »

Iphone 4 disabled-connect to itunes?

Sorry to say, but if u want to unlock it at home, u have to restore it. Or u can take it to apple and bring how ever much it costs to get it repaired and backed up and all that jazz, and they shoul... Read More »

I Try to Update Apps on My iPhone & it Says "Cannot Connect to iTunes Store"?

One of the attractive features of an iPhone is the ability to download applications and increase the functionality of your phone. When you download applications, you will inevitably need to update ... Read More »